If it’s history your after then why not visit Dalyan? There, you will find the ruins of ancient Caunos, the 20,000 seat Amphitheatre, Roman Baths, Acroppolis and the ancient city walls. From many of the Dalyan hotels you can clearly see the amazing rock tombs, carved in the face of the hills across the river, and why not visit the famous mud baths and sulphur springs. Dalyan is also a must for nature lovers. The small fishing town of Dalyan is located within the wildlife sanctuary of the Dalyan Delta, and home to no less that 152 varieties of birds, and three types of turtles, including the protected loggerhead "Caretta Caretta" sea turtle. As the river meets the sea, stretch out on Turtle Beach a stunning 6km stretch of beach, with excellent swimming and a protected loggerhead turte population. Turtle Beach has excellent fine sand with sparkling clear water which remains uncrowded. By day Dalyan has a selection of small shops and its market day on Saturday. There is also a chemist, post office, supermarket and a bank located in the town. Dalyan by night is very relaxed, there are a few discos and numerous friendly cafes and bars. Most of the roads outside the centre of Dalyan are not made, so it is not a typical beach resort, it’s a place for discoveries. You can also take daily excursions to Caunos, Sulphur Springs, Mud Baths and Koycegiz Lake, and daily trips to Turtle Beach. Further afield are Ephesus and Pammukale. 
The transfer times to Dalyan from Dalaman Airport is approx 30 mins. Dalyan in the province of Mugla on the South-Western Mediterranean coast, Turkey, whose natural beauty is completely unspoilt. This is one of the surviving corners of paradise, in an area of outstanding natural beauty and historic interest. 
Places to visit in/ around Dalyan 

Çamur Kaplıcası (The Mud Bath)
The locals call it "Gelgirme" and tourist resources advertise as "ten years younger".

While many people do not believe in any scientific logic or health benefits of the mud, it is really great fun for tourists playing in the mud, rubbing it on their bodies and taking lots of pictures of this unique memory.

Sultaniye Kaplıcaları (Hot Springs)
Sultaniye Hot Springs has the highest radioactivity rate (98.3) in Turkey and second highest in the world after Indonesian hot springs.

They believe this hot springs is good for back pain, rheumatism, sciatica, nephritis, lumbago, depression and dermatological and gynecological problems.

Sultaniye Hot Springs is 4 km to Dalyan.

Also known as Kürkçüler Village, Ekincik is a very special bay, a paradise located between Marmaris and Dalyan.

Holiday victims escape from packed resorts to find some peace in Ekincik, an inescapable stopover on the Blue Voyage yachting route. Ekincik is such a world-known paradise that you may suddenly turn into celebrity spotting mood. Princess Caroline, Prince Charles, media emperor Robert Maxwell, Rockfeller, Sting and great actor Dustin Hoffman were among previous guests.

Karaçay Bay and Semisçe are two other favorite yachting spots in the neighborhood. To the east of Ekincik Bay is a unique cape called "Delikli Burun" (the cape hole), which has an opening at the middle slightly big enough for a passing boat. With its pine covered top, this cape has a wonderful view for divers.

Caretta Caretta
The cute sea turtle. Feeds on seashells, sea horses, algea, sponges and tiny flora of the sea. Unsurprisingly, hospitable Dalyan is the most favorite Mediterranean resort for the Caretta Caretta.

Average adult would be 90-115 cm tall, weigh 70-160 kg with a brown shell on the back and orange belly. Digs a 40-60 cm nest and lays down an average of 80-100 eggs. She may try her chance again and dig more nests on the following nights. This is such an astounding process that the turtle would burst into tears while digging with her rear legs. The tears help protecting her eyes from the sand also from dehydration due to her tiresome efforts. This turtle pace hard work takes hours.

The foxes are among the major predators of the turtle eggs. An instinctive reflex leads the hatchlings to crawl down to the sparkling beach under the moonlight. That's why 'lights out for the turtles' regime is applied on the Iztuzu Beach, after it gets dark.

Iztuzu Beach
Resting at the skirts of the hills and protruding onto the entrance of Dalyan Delta, the Iztuzu Beach is a 5400-meter bank of pure golden sand kissing the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean.

No constructions except some changing rooms are allowed on the beach. Sorry but no beach fun after dark; the turtles might be disturbed. Dogs and other pets are also not allowed on the beach; they may harm the turtle eggs. Watch the sign posts for turtle eggs and be sure not to sit on any.  

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