Ölüdeniz Babadag paragliding
Location: Mount Baba, which is on the province territory of Fethiye of Muğla city, is 7 km inside from the coastal line. It rises just after the Ölüdeniz (Blue Lagoon) beach and faces towards to south. You can reach to take off runway via a 45 minutes from Ölüdeniz on a nearly smooth road. 

Regional Characteristics: Ölüdeniz, which is the first place where paragliding is performed in Turkey, has a worldwide fame. Its unique nature, sun and sea is enchanting thousands of national and foreign tourists every year, and has a structure appropriate for all kinds of outdoor activity. Mount Baba is preferred as trekking and camping area during summer and winter. 

Take Off Runways: There are a total of three runways in Mount Baba. 1700 meters high south runway is appropriate for take off. 1800 meters high north runway is a little bit small and upright. Take off area of the 1900 meters high north peek runway is very comfortable. As 1700 meters high runway is taking the south wind just from the opposite side during the most part of the day, generally take off is made from here. Approximately 20 wings can be lied on the very wide runway at the same time.

Meteorological Characteristics: During summer season, weather is stable. Sometimes during morning hours a north wind comes and take off is made from north runways into the valley. South runway faces a south wind, between 5 - 20 km during most of the day hours. 


Roughly speaking, you can launch from a hillside under a canopy that resembles a parachute but acts like rigid wing. Once inflated overhead, it takes only a few steps or a short run to launch gently and become airborne. In the air, complete control over direction and speed gives the pilot freedom to soar ridges, rise on warm currents of air and cover distances while you enjoy the views and the adrenaline rush while surely taking your life favourite selfie shots or films! 

Tandem paragliding puts you in the front seat and leaves the technicalities of flying in the hands of a very well trained and skilled pilot sitting directly behind you.

What’s more, Oludeniz offers the best tandem site in Europe, if not the world. With perfect launch areas near the 2000m summit of Babadag, your flight will take you over its ridges, out over the sea for a bird’s eye view of the famous lagoon to a gentle landing on the beach. Our pilots fly four times a day, everyday taking people like you, old and young on this amazing adventure. Every passenger is briefed an issued with helmet, boots and flying suit and all pilots carry complete reserve and communication systems. Furthermore, conditions are carefully assessed before you are taken to the sky. Have a nice flight.

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